The BSc (hons) in Computing in Information Technology is a four year honours degree in computing. The first two years are common with the Higher Certificate in Computing in Information Technology which teaches the basics in a wide range of IT related topics covering software engineering, web development, computer infrastructure, networking and support modules like maths, databases, multimedia, software testing and personal development. Under pinning the student development are the group and individual project modules.

The final year of the course consolidates and integrates skills and knowledge so as to make the graduates of this Bachelor of Science programme at ITB of immediate value to industry. Opportunities to participate in events outside of the classroom allow the student to understand and participate in group dynamics in the development and/or improvement of their social skills.

The final year project aims to provide students with an opportunity to undertake a substantial, individual computer science project and take responsibility for a full project life cycle. The project enables students to further their chosen area of study and consolidate knowledge and skills acquired from other modules that form part of the B.Sc. (Honours) in Computing programme.

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