This android application uses a mobile vision API to generate and read QR codes. It is aimed to be an update to the current reward card system used by many of the major shops, by creating a seamless transition between the old style reward cards and the new QR Codes.

Once a user is registered they are given a one off QR code that is used for all shops they are registered to as a loyalty customer. It will then be simple to use, with the shop assistant scanning the users QR code and the points are automatically added to their account. The user also has the ability to view their points for each store and also retrieve unique promotions from shops.

To make the transition from physical cards to QR Codes, each registered user account has the ability to scan and store their existing loyalty cards and use them in each store, without having to carry all the physical cards with them. Hopefully creating a better shopping and loyalty system for both the customer and the shop owners.