This research is concerned with a mobile application developed using Android Studio and IBM Bluemix technology. It acts as a personal virtual intelligent agent. Android Studio is an application which helps programmers to develop Android based applications for the Android operating system on any type of device. The application is implemented as a foreground process, taking input from the user’s social media feeds to construct a profile which would then be analysed using semantic analysis method. Since the user's information and this applications cache files are on the cloud, the application does not affect the device tremendously on processing and memory power.

The users profile will be created based on their interest and data collected from the social media feed and used to provide further implementation of interests to the user based on semantic analysis. This process is powered by Bluemix Watson technology. Bluemix, is a cloud-based platform that helps applications solve problems and create services. This platform allows backward compatibility, meaning, old applications can now be easily updated and renewed using Bluemix.

The objective of this IBM Bluemix Watson powered, Android based mobile application is to provide streamlined access to information based on the users interests and activities using cognitive communication. The application will help the user with daily tasks. This will be accomplished by providing current events, integrating calendar events and synchronising with the application.