Cash is still widely used across Ireland today, and will likely continue to be used for at least another decade to come. Luckily there is often an ATM within 1km of most urban locations, but it is not always easy to find one as they can often be tucked away in street corners or at the back of newsagents. All banks provide location information for their own ATMs online and in their apps, but for most people, the provider of the ATM does not matter as anybody can withdraw cash regardless of the provider bank or financial institution.

ATM Finder is a third-party solution to this problem that maintains an always up-to-date database of all ATMs in Ireland. It helps users find their nearest cash point quickly and easily using its intuitive compass to give the user a rough indication of the direction, a detailed description and address for hard to find locations, as well as map directions and their current distance from the ATM as they walk or drive. The app also advices users on if the ATM is currently accessible right now, and if the location is on anything from a busy city street, to a quiet country shop. ATMs are everywhere when you don’t need them, but nowhere to be found when you do. ATM Finder for Android cuts down on the trek and makes finding cash simple.