This research was undertaken with an aim to design a Gamified Pomodoro Application (GPA) that is more effective at reducing negative user habits and reinforcing positive user behaviour to increase productivity.

My application is targeted at users who have a steady intake of time sensitive tasks for whom procrastination and work related fatigue are consistent and serious issues. GPA consists of three timer modes that provide the basic functionality of Francesco’s Pomodoro Technique. The essential productivity elements include: 25 minutes work sessions followed by 5 minutes breaks. After each completed work session a work counter is earned. After 4 counters are earned they are reset to 0 and a longer break of 15 minutes is awarded instead. GPA stores detailed data including timestamps for the beginning and end of each work, break, revision session for each day and for each topic as well as patterns of user behaviour necessary for the determination of badge awards and eligible wagers.